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Access your calendar to see which of your contacts have their birhtdays soon in order to create a Cheer for them, invite more friends and all of you together could create an unforgettable greetings video..

You can also add manually special dates like weddings, stag and hen parties, a birth…


The Cheers are the events created with the aim of congratulating someone special through video clips. The rest of the invited participants need to create their own clips. Then, mixing and putting in order all the clips the user will receive a final clip completely personalized and unforgettable.
Take part in all the Cheers you have been invited to and manage the ones which you are hosting..


Create the best Cheer

Every Cheer needs to specify the recipient and the reason why it is being created: to congratulate or Cheer them on… Once done, invite those friends who will take part in the Cheer and they will be able to create their own congratulation clips. As an organizer, you will have the ability to put the clips ins a specific order so can be shared.


Take part congratulating

Every person who participates in a Cheer is as important as the host, as they could watch the clips from the other participants, make comments, get options…
Isn’t that cool?

Cheer App Life

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